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The debut album of the Polish band Amalia Umeda Quartet features illustrative, improvisational music inspired by the power and beauty of nature, the rawness and authenticity of folk music, and the various emotional states of human existence.


The band is composed of Amalia Umeda, Franciszek Raczkowski, Michał Aftyka and Michał Szeligowski. These are four musical personas, which during collaborative improvisation blend into each other. Their main purpose when creating music together is openness to new solutions - textural, temporal, and interpretative.


All compositions featured on the album are written by the lead, initially consisting of a thrifty outline of ideas, allowing all four musicians to give these pieces a unique shape, character, and form during each performance. They explore new possibilities of interpretation and ensemble depending on the current moment, the mood, the acoustics of the room, as well as the energy of the audience.

People WHO created "Nowoświt"

Amalia Umeda - violin

Franciszek Raczkowski - piano
Michał Aftyka - double bass
Michał Szeligowski - drums


Program 2 of the Polish Radio - co-producer

Michał Bereza - recording production

Maciej Envee Goliński - mix and mastering

Magdalena Kuczko - graphic design


"The Nowoświt album was created by wonderful people. My main assumption was that its elements should make up one coherent, almost synesthetic whole. It is the result of cooperation of people who fully understood my vision, developed it and put their hearts into their work , time and incredible talent, for which I am extremely grateful to them, and also touched by the end result. "

Amalia Umeda

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